How Americans Like You Are Getting Rich,
How You Can Too, and
What to Do When You Do.

Winning the Lottery
How to Play…
How to Win…

And Most Importantly
What to Do When
You Win the Lottery


Get Any Other Windfall

A Financial Guide for those who want to know how to win the Lottery, and then, once they’ve got it—or any other Windfall—how to keep it.



Section I      Windfall: Getting Big Money

How to Get Big Money
Winning the Lottery and other Windfalls

Section II      The Lottery:  The Biggest Windfall: How to Play


Section III     What to Do When You Win


Who Ya Gonna Call?      Ghostbusters?

Call Your Friends?  Only Those That Won’t Kill You

When You Win—A Little Later

Charity: “Always Wanted to Be a Philanthropist.”

Coming on Immediately Thereafter

Ideas on How to Help You Spend It: The Brother in Law

Section IV     Making It Last

How Much Can You Spend and Have it Last
How Much Do You Need for the Good Life?
How Long Will You Live?
Financial Options for the Long Haul

Section V      Planning for Your Legacy


Section VI     Resources and References

Who You’re Gonna’ Call?  Specific Ideas

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