A book for leaders, managers, staff, and employees who want job security and to grow, develop, and move up.

Do you want to help your co-workers and staff grow and develop?  Do you want to achieve more and have fun doing it?  Would you like to lead your staff or team to do serious work exceptionally well in an atmosphere of fun?

Business as Usual

Business as Usual

Syzygy, the Synergy of Working Together for Mutual Success will provide you with the tools to answer those questions and provide that leadership.
Syzygy (siz-uh-gee) will show you how to

  • Provide Exceptional leadership and create an organization that goes beyond Excellence.
  • Show you how to be the value-added employee that is the last to be let go.
  • Create a new paradigm for your organization, abandoning the conventional wisdom, and able to fly faster and farther while having fun.

    Syzygy: Leadership for the 21st Century

  • Encourage Creativity as a cultural ethic for the organization.
  • Use Technologies of Negotiation in working with and for others.
  • Use Communications Improvement Techniques to build a team together.
  • See the future and use that vision as a leadership tool.
  • Teach those techniques to staff to help them build you as you build them.
  • Create the necessary atmosphere of fun to unleash creativity and build a culture of exceptional performance.

Arnold has been a public and a private sector manager and leader for over thirty years.  He’s led nine different organizations and helped them be successful.  People in his organizations have done exceptional things, won national awards, and believe in themselves and their co-workers.

Syzygy is a term that comes from astronomy when the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are all lined up in a conjunction.  When it’s those three, it’s called a Syzygy.  The gravitational pulls are unusually strong at that time, pulling as they do in the same direction.  That’s the metaphor for the synergy that’s created by working together.

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