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Why Did We Lose Jobs? How Many Did We Lose? Are We Gaining Now?

From December of 07 thru December of ’08 we lost an average of 250 to 350 thousand jobs each month.

A total of about 3.6 million jobs.

From President Obama’s election in November of ‘08through the end of ’09 we lost another 4 million jobs are about 310 thousand a month.

Beginning in June ’10 job growth started to pick up, going positive and producing about 2.2 million jobs the next 15 months, an average of 150 thousand jobs a month.

Through June of ’11 until February of ’12 we gained about 1.5 million jobs or 178 thousand a month.

Every month we have a150 thousand people enter the job work force, through attaining the right age, re-entering after raising children or illness, and so on.  So that’s the benchmark that has to be hit to have positive job growth and a lower unemployment  rate.

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