What’s Wrong with US?

What’s Wrong with the U.S. and How to Fix It

How We Screwed Ourselves and Our Grandchildren

An Immodest Agenda for the Federal Government

1.  The Federal Government Can’t Do

  1. Competitive Behavior Needs to Be Cooperative
  2. Compromise Needed in a Democracy
  3. Constitution Teaches
  4. Decisions and Political Behavior
  5. Reagan’s Real Heritage
  6. Reagan and the Russians
  7. Priorities to Support
  8. Values in the Supremes Important
  9. Foxhole
  10. Presidential Race 2008
  11. Lessons from the Election
  12. Let’s Do the Numbers
  13. What is This Change We Talk About?
  14. How We Can Help the World
  15. We’re a Great Nation?
  16. Shoes?

2. Private Enterprise Crimes and Abuses

  1. The Patsy
  2. What You Think the Future Holds
  3. We Are Socialist
  4. The “S” Word is Out
  5. Stock Market and Financial
  6. Death of Free Enterprise
  7. Bailouts/Rescues Were Necessary
  8. President Bush and Mortgage Refi
  9. Can’t Trust Big Boys Anymore
  10. Save the Economy/Save the World
  11. The Economy?  Back to the Future
  12. Economy in the Bush Years
  13. Economy and the Computer Future
  14. Looking Forward to the Future
  15. Customer Service and ATT Illustrates

3. Policy Changes We Need

  1. Partisan Politics Hurts Us All:  Energy
  2. Change in Health Insurance Needed
  3. Responses Needed for Incentives Given:  Boeing Example
  4. Run Government Like  a Business?
  5. Review How We Got Here
  6. Energy Policy Needs Rethinking
  7. Need Better Energy Conservation Policy
  8. Our First Internet Election
  9. Truth About Welfare Politics
  10. Social Security Fixes
  11. Stockman’s Conclusions
  12. Solution to Energy Conservation: The Hydrogen Car
  13. Compromise Necessary in a Democracy
  14. Competitive Behavior Needs to Go to Cooperative
  15. Decisions and Political Behavior
  16. Compensation
  17. Term Limits
  18. Great Congressional Debate

4. Generational Conflict

  1. Diversity Requires Continuous Adjustments
  2. Adjustments for Aging Needed
  3. Generations in the Workplace
  4. Sucker List
  5. Evolution
  6. Writers’ Conference
  7. Bring Back the Negro Baseball League
  8. Explanation of Liberals
  9. Thanksgiving Lessons
  10. Colorblind Impacts
  11. New Grads and Changes Coming
  12. Culture of Personality Tests

5. Employment, Jobs, and the Future

  1. Have You Been Fired?  Or Laid Off?  You Will Be!
  2. Everybody Ne
  3. Everybody Needs a Fallback Position
  4. Economy and the Computer
  5. Customer Service R US
  6. 10 Commandments of Customer Service
  7. General Issues
  8. Trends in Involvement:  Difficult to Make Progress
  9. Liars and Statistics
  10. Sustainability
  11. Find Me an American Car

6. Debt and Deficit:  Criminal Leadership

  1. Lee Iacocca’s Question
  2. Small World
  3. Realities of Debt and Deficit
  4. History of Democracies
  5. I Can Like George W. Bush Anyway

7. Media Contributes to Problems

  1. Media as Scapegoats.
  2. Rush Op Ed Piece Leads to Wrong-headedness
  3. Lou Cannon Sets it Straight
  4. Rush
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